Land Pride Grooming Mowers leave your grounds with a clean cut look every time. From the homeowner to the professional, Pine Plains Tractor offers a model that’s right for you. 

FDR16 Series

Land Pride Grooming Mowers are a great alternative to a belly-mount mower for sub-compact and compact tractor owners alike.  The FDR16 Models are available in 48" (FDR1648), 60" (FDR1660) and 72" (FDR1672) widths.

FDR25 Series

The FDR2572 and FDR2584 are heavier, yet offer the same 3-blade system and floating hitch as the FDR16, providing professional results for larger acreage homeowners and municipalities.  Produced in 72" (FDR2572) and 84" (FDR2584)

FDR 36 Series

Our FDR3690 Grooming Mower is built for commercial use by mowing contractors. Ease of maintenance along with the 6 free-swinging medium-lift blades make this mower unbeatable in tough going, providing a uniform cut in even the heaviest turf grasses.


Land Pride’s AFM3011 is just right for estate mowing. The weight has been reduced from our commercial series to fit compact tractors in the 30 to 55 HP range. With a cutting width of 11′ and cutting height of 1″ to 5.5″, the AFM3011 will rival a zero-turn in volume and quality. The decks are 4′ wide, 10 gauge steel with a 6″ overlap; coupled with a single beam hitch and equal angle driveline this unit can make tight turns without streaking.

AFM4211, AFM4214, AFM4216

The AFM42 Series All-Flex Mower provides excellent cut quality and performance on lush turf grasses. on expansive and well manicured areas such as fairways, parks, schoolyards, sports fields, and small estates. All models are available with slip-clutch or conventional wing driveline configurations. The mower offers independent deck flotation and zero turning radius due to the sleek frame design


Mow large areas not just fast, but well with Land Pride’s AFM4522 All Flex Mower, a commercial mower that can easily mow over 10 acres per hour. Contractors can make quick work of turf areas like parks, sports complexes, and sod farms. The high blade tip speed will produce a quality cut in Bermuda, fescue, or rye turf grasses. The narrow transport width allows access to area with east, easily fitting through any 10-foot gate.